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Welcome to MickyFinn!

We are dedicated to sharing the natural beauty of the Upper Penninsula, and providing fishing and outdoor equipment and apparel. 

Need a Mask?  Try our MF Headgear! Beautiful shots of Local Photography!

We try to keep things as local as possible.

Our Yooper Hooker jigs are made at home from scratch from recycled material.

The Northern Lights Gear is actual local photography of the Northern Lights.

Our Polar Bags were designed and developed in Mqt with NMU!

MF TakL has been the fastest selling product: earrings made from fishing spoons!   Designed for catching fisherman....

More Coozies and Decals are Here!!

Thank you you for all of your support! We couldn’t do it without you!!

We hope to be able to provide water rescue equipment to local beaches in 2021!

The Gadgetry of Boats!

Michael Lydon July 27, 2018

The Gadgetry of Boats!

Fishing for Posterity: ...A little neutral rev and I'm convinced I already have this kid hooked. With him in my lap, the wind in his hair, and his hand on the wheel, I know I've secured another generation to the timeless passions that are... boats....

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Save the Freckles!!!

Erin Mottonen June 10, 2018

Save the Freckles!!!

From fishing jersies, fishing shirts, MF headgear, and performance pants and leggings - MickyFinn has you covered!! Don’t sweat to death! Don’t bail to the shade!! Don’t compromise your health!! Don't give in!! You need a little MF defense!!

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MF kids fishing

Michael Lydon April 15, 2018

From "The Mick"

Someties fishin' ain't about catching fish, it's just about goin' fishin'.

And that's the way it should be.  And that's enough.

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Show us beating your MF gear!


Beaver House

Nightly rental in Ahmeek, Michigan

The Creation of Yooper Hookers

Making recycled lead jigs from scratch!