From "The Mick"

MF kids fishing

April 15, 2018

It was approaching dawn when one of the grandboys crawled onto the bed and said "Grandpa, let's go fishin'!"

Wanting to spare Grandma the commotion of early morning routines at the camp, I replied with enthusiasm, "Lets Go!" and from the bed he and I both sprang.

After a quick round up of some essentials to get us through a few hours, we were at the dock and casting off.

Out onto the lake we went and to my favorite drop off bar at the river's mouth where I knew the morning bass lay waiting.

With baited hooks, in the stillness of the morning air, we waited for the elusive prey.  Out of somewhere in the mind's eye of a child, he asked me a very valid question; "Grandpa, why do you wear hearing aids?"

I tried to explain, "So I can hear the fish."  "And what do they say?" he naturally asked.

I humbly had to admit, "they don't say anything, I just hear them laughing at me."  Ever the observant one, he replied, "that must be why you don't catch any."

Sometimes fishin' ain't about catching fish, it's just about goin' fishin'.

And that's the way it should be.  And that's enough.

                                                                                        --  The Mick



P langer

P langer said:

Just received our 3 bags. How do you clean your bags?? My suggestion add that in your info please

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