Save the Freckles!!!

Save the Freckles!!!

June 10, 2018

Growing up as a fair-skinned blue-eyed Mick, my brother and I were always harped on about SUNSCREEN! Most of us burn sooner or later every year, and NO: tans are not healthy!  These days were are trying to avoid all these rapidly changing cells that turn into cancer, but we are naïve to think the sun isn’t a carcinogen. As a therapist, I was touched by working with a young woman my age who lost her life in just months due to a “bad freckle”. EVERYONE OF US NEEDS TO SAVE THE FRECKLES!!

I’ve been plagued for years shielding myself every summer, hosing myself in sunscreen that I’m pretty sure I just sweat out as it clogs my pores. If you get around any dry grass or dust, you suddenly look like a dirty bum. Luckily these days there are nice rashguards and sun garments you can wear for swimming or watersports instead of sunscreen (swimming in dad’s T-shirts as a child got old quick). Long garmets can be extremely hot, which won’t make the bugs any more bearable in the Great North.

MickyFinn has designed awesome protection to beat the sun at 30-50 SPF+ protection to keep you DRY and comfortable so you can continue doing what you love…..outside!!

From fishing jersies, fishing shirts, MF headgear, and performance pants and leggings - MickyFinn has you covered!! Don’t sweat to death! Don’t bail to the shade!! Don’t compromise your health!!  Don't give in!!  You need a little MF defense!!

Here is a link to the National Cancer Society that has some great information.

But if you don’t like to read, here’s what you NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SKIN SPOTS:

A – ASYMMETRY: irregular shapes could mean cancer

B – BORDER: uneven edges are potential to spread

C – COLOR: more colors are of more concern

D – DIAMETER: worry about it if it its diameter is bigger than an eraser tip.

E – EVOLVING: does it change? (Take a picture with your cell phone - you'll even have the date!)


So please – SAVE THE FRECKLES!!!

shop right now!!


Jonathan Peek

Jonathan Peek said:

Hi I just opened a bait and tackle shop in Harvey. Ron Ritari and Jesse Bianchi told me to get ahold of you to get jigs for fishing on superior.
Thank you,
9062352894 is my phone if you’d like to give us a call.

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