The Creation of Yooper Hookers

The Creation of Yooper Hookers

April 29, 2019

That's right! We make our Jigs right here in

Marquette, Michigan!

Here is where we melt the lead (OUTSIDE) at 650 degrees, and set the Mustad hook inside the mold:
mold lead for yooper hookers 
pouring lead into mold for yooper hookers
The lead quickly cools and we are left with the rough jig, which we trim:

rough jig yooper hookers

removing excess lead from yooper hooker fresh jig
Then we hang them until they are cool enough to handle and powder coat:
fresh yooper hooker jigs
The jigs are heated before the paint of white so the next color glows stronger.
The paint is fluffed over each jig and then heated to set.
After they have been painted they are cured in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes to maximize hardness of the powder coating.
Now we finish them with fixing 3D eyeballs on each jig, and then shape the Bucktail to fit as a skirt.
Tying jigs with bucktail
Once it is trimmed, we superglue the tail and threads so it won't come apart, then the skirt threading and jig get a coat of epoxy sealant.
After a final check of paint, skirts, and weight, they get bagged up for your fish ammo!!
We are still perfecting our process, and really want to make the best jigs that fisherman are asking for. These have been a recent success out at Stannard Rock with big 20# Lake Trout! IF for any reason you aren't satisfied with your Yooper Hooker, mail it back to us in the original packaging and we will replace it or send you a refund. We're not perfect...but we'll make it right.
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