About Us


 We were born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!  Living in such a remote and beautiful place, we fell in love with the great outdoors and developed a passion for fishing and life with the water.


The MickyFinn name started as a term of endearment given to our boys by their grandfather. The name implies our stubborn, creative, and outgoing traits that stand by strong principles. Along with family ties, water safety has become an important issue for our family. So, our goal is to provide better access to water safety equipment throughout our local beaches to ensure the safety of the community who use them. Fun and safety go hand and hand, and we want to make it possible to have both while enjoying Lake Superior.


"Here to help everyone enjoy the outdoors a little more"

This is a broad statement. When we say, “enjoy the outdoors” we’re not just talking about the abundance of activities the UP has to offer. MickyFinn’s goal is to raise money for the installation of rescue cannons and community life jackets to assist with accident prevention throughout our local beaches and ensure the safety of the visitors who use them. Fun and safety go hand and hand, and we want to make it possible to have both while enjoying Lake Superior. By purchasing any of our gear, you will be assisting with this mission while rocking a new yooper style!



The Polar Bag


was the initial product that we designed and had fabricated.  During our many outdoor adventures, we were sick of soggy coolers, and never having clean ice to make a drink.  These double as dry bags, and have a drain spout in the bottom.  Ice lasts for days, cooler stays dry and cold, and you have plenty of clean ice to make drinks with!  


We have had motorcyclists that love taking them on their bikes easily, people use them to store dry things while floating in the river, and even our kids can easily throw a few sodas and snacks with some ice from the freezer.


We started making recycled lead fishing jigs: 


Made at home in Marquette, MI (we've had a little fun with it!) 

Click the link to see the Creation of Yooper Hookers!


Here is a wonderful article on us in the March 2019 issue of Michigan Country Lines:

Michigan Country Lines March 2019 MickyFinn Article