News & Events

See you at the Superior Dome in Marquette

for the UP Boat, Sport & RV Show

March 25th - 27th 2022

Friday 4pm - 9 pm

Saturday 10 am - 7 pm 

Sunday 11 am - 4 pm 

Check out our newest additions, TakL- for catching a Fisherman...  earrings from fishing lures!

MickyFinn was fortunate enough to host our merchandise in a variety of new and exciting settings!  The Polar Bags were a big hit at campgrounds and with motorcycle groups, and the Yooper Hookers were slaying fish all over the Great Lakes!

MickyFinn Yooper Hookers

We had 906 Wraps out of Negaunee wrap our Grady White, the original MickyFinn, and it turned out awesome!!  This clip here is bringing her home at the end of the season:

We had a great turnout at the Superior Dome for the 2019 Sport, Boat and RV Show.  It has been so much fun sponsoring the local fishing tournaments, and sharing our local Northern Lights Gear with new customers.

2019 Sport, Boat, and RV Show MickyFinn Marquette, MI

We have also donated tons of gear for fundraisers like the Kraft HockeyVille Contest in Calumet, MI, the Marquette Area Hockey Program, the Youth Street Hockey Program in Lansing, MI, and the Fish 'n Chips Fundraiser for the Beacon House in Marquette.


As the cold season starts to set in, we are trying to push our gear all over and get as much exposure as possible.  This is where we need YOUR help to post pictures of you beating up our gear.  We would love to see where you live and why our gear helps you play and enjoy the great outdoors!


So PLEASE post pictures!  use #mickyfinnfishing and @mickyfinnfishing to share things on Facebook and Instagram.  Tag your location so we can map out how far we can get on this rock!


We need YOUR help to be able to reach our goal of being able to provide live saving water rescue equipment to local beaches. 

We strive to design, manufacture, and distribute MF gear that you can utilize to enjoy the great outdoors.