MF Slim Can Coozies - Yoosta Hooker

$8.00 $5.99

You asked, we made it happen!  

Introducing the MF Slim Can Coozies !!

Extend your playtime and keep your slim cans cold!!  Perfect for Red Bull, Michelob Ultra, Spiked Seltzer, Truly, and White Claw!

MF Slim Can Coozies

Front: "Fishing Saved Me I Yoosta Be A Pornstar Now I'm Just A YOOPER HOOKER"

Back: "MickyFinn.US"

MF Slim Can Coozies

Available for a limited time only in Sky Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red, and Hunter Orange with white OR black text!!


Made in Harvey, MI, graphics done by 906.Creations in Ishpeming, MI