NL Long Sleeved Tee

$24.99 $19.99

So still trying to pursue our dreams of pushing MickyFinn as far as we can, and not going too crazy from the COVID-19 madness: we introduce our Northern Lights Long Sleeved Tee!

These are a spin off our first line of leggings, featuring actual photography of the Northern Lights over Cedar Bay, Michigan (Purple Birch) and over Copper Harbor, Michigan (Red over Green). Photos courtesy of

Our current sizes and styles are limited, but please contact us if you are interested in more.  The material was printed overseas, then we sew them together onto a variety of styles of Tee shirts domestically.  

All manufacturing has been done in a sanitized and isolated facility in Hubbell, Michigan. and distributed by us in Marquette, Michigan.  We take the utmost care in protecting EVERYONE from this virus and will make sure your packages are delivered with the utmost care and compliance with federal guidelines.